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مُساهمة من طرف اسراء في الإثنين مايو 17, 2010 11:48 pm

1- about meningioma wrong
a- mets is common ?
b- estrogen reeptors

2- associated with high velocity pelvic fractire
a- head injury
b- liver injury
c- peripheral nerves injury
c ?

3- dandy walker wrong
a- small post fossa - from past paper

4- medulloblastoma wrong
a- radiosensitive
b- radiate whole cord
c- chemo resistant ?

5- extradural hematoma wrong
a- m.c parietal lobe
b- not common in <2 and >60 yo ?
c- 3% with head injury
d- lucid interval in 2\3 ?
e- lenticual biconvex shape

6- pt with headache vomiting stupor papilledema ..not likey caused by the following tumor
a- 3rd venticle
b- choroid papilloma
c- pseudotumor cerebri ? not a tumor
d- temporal ?

7- fracture to the body of vertebra mot likely by
a- flextion
c- spinal stenosis
c- spondylothesis

8- saccular annurysm wrong
a- external lamina defect

9- saccular not risk factor
a- marfan
b- down
c- HTN
d- atherosclerosis
some answered b but i think ATH prevent not cause
check it b dosyee atherosclerotic aneurysmal type

10- pt pot RTA mild head injury with dementia the following few weeks ..cause
a- chr. subdural hematoma?
b- intracerebral hematoma

11- wrong about pituitary adenoma
a- microadenoma less than 1 cm
b- hyperprolactin m.c
c- more in 40- 60 yo ?

12- wrong about muscle strength
a- zero no any
b- 1 fasiculation
c- 2 against gravity
d- 5 full
c - true is 3

13- about contusion
a- less happen in children
b- frontal lobe most commonly
c- accel-decelar

14- Percentage of brain tumors within all body tumors
a- 2%
b- 4%
c- 6%
d- 8%
e- 10%

15- Head trauma in RTA in all ages is
a- 20%
b- 40%
c- 60%
d- 80%
e- 90%

16- a patient has moderate head injury, the GCS is :
a- below 6
b- below 8
c- 9 - 13
d- 13 - 15
e- 14- 15

17- all of the tumors are more common in males except:
a- glioblastoma multiforme
b- astrocytoma
c- medulloblastoma
d- pineocytoma
D ?


Everything in this world can be seen as u wish to.good or bad .simple or complicated.easy or
difficult.Its not how things are,its about how u look up to them.and how u look up to them is all up to


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مُساهمة من طرف rifai في الثلاثاء مايو 18, 2010 12:11 am

18- : MRI is better than ct by all exept
a- hair fracture at temporal bone*


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