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ophthalmo Qa

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الاجابات تأكدنا منها من الدكاترة او من الكتاب ما عدا اللي عليه علامة سؤال

1- proliferative D.M

2- the earliest to be found in DM
a- microanurisms
b- cotton wool
c- hemorrhages
answer A

3- the m.c cause of visual loss in dm
a- macular edema
b- retinal detachement
answer A

4- all are causes of eosotropia except (means both eyes adducted  
a- 3rd nerve palsy
b- hypermetropia
c- nystagmus
d- infantile
e- tumors
amswer A

5- wrong statement about traumatic hyphema
a- rebleeding if occur is less severe than the first

6- wrong about cataract
a- adults with early cataract should be treated by placing lens as soon as possible

7- the classical eye drops to be given post op are
a- NSIAD alone
b- antibiotic drops alone
c- NSAID AND antibiotic
answer C

8- glucoma can be caused by
e- all of th above

9- wrong about close angle glucoma
a- we must have pressure of 21 to DX

10- wrong about alkaline trauma to the cornea
a- immediate irrigation with alot of normal saline
b- acid penetrates more than alkali
answer B

11- about lacrimation wrong
a- lacrimal gland in the superiomedial part

12- not present in anterior uveitis
a- hyphema
b- post psynechia
c- KP
d- cells in the ant chamber
answer is A
كان محلول بنموذج ا lol! وتأكدنا منه

13- not present in 7th nerve palsy
a- entropion
b- depresseb brow
c- exposure keratitis
d- lacriamtion
answer A -ectropion not entropion

14- advantage of phacco to ECCE
a- less astigmatism
b- less infection
A ?

15- m.c cause of infantile proptosis
a- dysthyroid disease
b- retinoblastoma
b- occular celuilitis
answer A

16- m.c symptomless ant.uveitis cause
a- JRA
b- sarcoidosis
c- toxoplasmosis
A ?

17- RT eye adduction by
a- RT SR + LT IO
answer B ( sup oblique cause downword with adduction always


Everything in this world can be seen as u wish to.good or bad .simple or complicated.easy or
difficult.Its not how things are,its about how u look up to them.and how u look up to them is all up to


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