Pediatrics osce 3rd group

اذهب الى الأسفل

Pediatrics osce 3rd group

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السلام عليكم
الامتحان كان مكون كالعادة من 3 ستيشن
12 montn old baby,
have a Hx of asphexia and sepsis after birth and stayed in NICU for 2 months , put on ventilator for 1 month

 his mother complained that her baby cant walk till now

asses the development of this baby>

2nd station

abdominal exam. for a child with HX of 2 days abdominal pain and fever
give the DDx if there was costophrenic angle tenderness
give three lab investigations

3rd station

5 year old boy
came to the ER with a Hx of cough of 2 days duration and SOB of 1 day duration
take a focused Hx from his mother
give DDx


Everything in this world can be seen as u wish to.good or bad .simple or complicated.easy or
difficult.Its not how things are,its about how u look up to them.and how u look up to them is all up to


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